Autumn Hairstyles

So I’m sticking with the seasonal theme, and I think I will do each Monday, until I run out of ideas! So today I’ve searched through Pinterest to bring you my favourite hairstyles for Autumn, they’re fairly easy to do, but look free really cute too, what do you think?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
There’s some serious hair envy going on here, the colours are gorgeous. Anyways, the first hairstyle is two loose braids, simple but looks really sweet and can easily soften a look. The second is a spin on your average ponytail, I’m not sure how to do it (leave me a comment if you do) but it’s ideal if you want your hair out of your face but still have your hair looking presentable. Side braids are the same, I love it when people with ombré or highlighted hair do this, when you can see all the different tones of colour, it’s amazing. The final hairstyle is one I do myself quite a bit, though it never looks as good as the image, it’s simply two braids tied at the back, it takes five minutes and keeps my hair out of the way, but still looking quite put together.

I hope you liked my Autumn hairstyle, by simply trying new hair styles it’s a good way to change up your look a bit without completely changing your entire style.

-my dogblog09
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“Look at the stars, how they shine for you”🎶


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