Lush Ocean Salt Face Scrub Review

Today I’m reviewing a Lush classic. The ‘Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub’ has hands down been one of the best purchases from Lush of all time!

Since they have brought out a ‘self preserving’ version of this product, I’ve always been intrigued to try it, but never actually taken the plunge and bought it, so my two may vary. As for the regular ‘Ocean Salt’, it has worked wonders on my face, I felt it has really helped to clear up my skin, at the moment I use a few times a week, I want to use it regularly but as the pieces of salt are quite large, I don’t want it to be too harsh on my skin. But when I do use it, it leaves you skin really soft and smelling good too, it has quite a distinctive scent, but I quite like it. I’m pretty sure, the scent comes from the avocado and lime in the scrub, but it doesn’t smell like your fridge, more natural and organic that anything else? One thing that I do love about Ocean Salt is the colour, its blue! When you first buy the tub, its all different shades of light blues and greens, but once you start to use it, it goes a sky blue colour, it really does look like the ocean!

Thats my thoughts on Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub, you can purchase it from any Lush store or online (click here) for either £7.75 (120g) or £13.95 (250g), the tub sizes are great and will last you a long time, even if you buy the small tub to start off with.

What do you think of Ocean Salt? Feel free to leave me some links below too, I love discovering new blogs!

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