Weekly Wishlist #14

Weekly Wishlist #14

This week, I’m definitely giving into the Autumn weather, I think it’s shown in this wish list too.

To start off with, I’m in need of a Topshop spree, my problem is that I will go in, and spend way more than I plan on doing. Two items I’m absolutely desperate to buy though, are the Leigh ripped jeans and black scallop top, I have a pair of the regular Leigh jeans in a lighter colour and they’re really comfortable, the black top goes really well with the jeans too, it’s fairly casual but I think the scallop detailing gives it a more put together look. The burgundy jumper is also from Topshop, it just looks so warm, a must for a cold day walking the dogs? As are the Dr. Martens, I can just picture walking around the park in these during Winter, oh it would be a dream.. The fur lining ensures they will keep my feet toasty warm as well as going with pretty much any outfit!

Onto the non-fashion items on my wish list, my favourite movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, comes out this week, I cried buckets when I went to watch this in the cinemas with my friends, so I’m sure I will do the same once I get it on DVD, did anyone else cry at this, I hope i’m not the only one? I would also love to see the Arctic Monkeys live, yes they may not be touring currently, but as soon as the tickets come out, I’m sure to go. Finally, my beauty pick for this week was the ‘Naked 2’ palette from Urban Decay, I really like the look of this palette as its slightly smaller than the original, which I think makes it much more portable, it has all the necessary colours too!

So thats about it for my weekly wish list, is there anything you’re particularly after this week? Don’t forget to comment your links below, I love reading new blogs!


“You can’t reach what is in front of you until you’ve let go of what is behind you


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