Weekly Roundup #5

So I guess this post is Instagram + other ‘exciting’ things that go on in my life. Which, considering there’s a pot noodle on there, clearly isn’t that exciting at all. I did get up to quite a bit though…

I’ve posted my first outfit of the day, I visited an art gallery, seen some fireworks, listened to a lot of music, pinned a lot on Pinterest, and ate a pot noodle. Oh, and obsessing over a pair of Dr. Martens. So it hasn’t been a bad week at all really, I’ve had a lot of fun catching up with people as well as having some time to focus on my blog. This week I also hit 7000 views on my blog and 23000 views on Polyvore, so I was very excited about that, especially as I’ve only been back blogging for two weeks, it was a lovely surprise to hit a milestone so soon?

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“There is always the brightest skies after the worst storms


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