Photobox Review: Books & Prints

Last week, I joined the world of Photobox , an online photo company which will print off your photos or turn them into books, posters or even phone cases!

As I was a new customer, I was given 50 free photos to print, so straight away, I went through and chose some of my favourite photos of the summer, I was told if the quality wasn’t great- which I thought was a really good touch- I wouldn’t want to have ordered something to realise it was all blurry? So far so good!

The next thing I decided to order was a photobook, I know quite a few people who have done this, so I thought it couldn’t be too hard? To completely finish the 30 page minibook, it took me just over an hour: to upload the photos, choose the photos, design and layout, and then add captions too- which is pretty good timing. With a bigger photobook I guess it would take longer, but I was really impressed, espeically as the photos could be uploaded to the book so quickly!
All in all, I was very impressed. I ordered 50 prints and a mini book, with the total cost being just over £11. As if that wasn’t good enough, I was emailed when they were being printed, and again to say they had been delivered, its a really personal touch to keep you informed on where your prints are up to. I realise people might get annoyed by that kind of thing, but I found it really helpful!I will definitely be ordering off again soon!

Have you ever tried photo box?


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