Lush: Northern Lights


Lush Northen Lights Bath Bomb £3.50
Lush has got so many amazing products out this year, and after reading so many raving reviews on their ‘Northern Lights’ bath bomb, I knew I would have to give in and try it out for myself sooner or later. So I thought what better than to give you my thoughts on it?

This bath bomb truly deserves its name, it was really interesting to watch! The bath bomb fizzed into an explosion of blues and purples with hints of green and pink too, Lush definitely didn’t fail to impress this time! As for the smell, it has jasmine and ylang ylang oil in it, which smell quite sweet and floral, and oh did it make my bathroom smell amazing, (never quite thought I would say that, oh well!). I felt like I was in Iceland looking at the stars, but at the same time, someone exotic because of the scent!

I don’t know about you, but I had no clue what ‘ylang ylang oil’ is, until I l was having a mooch on the Lush website, and came across it. Basically, it’s an oil often used in aromatherapy to help combat stress; the scent is described as ‘sweet, heady and floral’, what isn’t to love? I really like the idea the products used in this are good for relaxing, isn’t that what having a bath is all about?


Once I was finished my bath did look a little like a ‘Slush Puppy’ but the different shades and colours did stay in for quite a while, I’m definitely going to buy this one again before Lush closes its doors to their Winter collection for another year.
Have you tried the Northern Lights bath bomb? What did you think?

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