What I’m Wearing: Cold and Cake


Shirt- Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters
Parka-Dorothy Perkins

It’s so wintry today! It’s freezing outside, hence the coat- I thought it was about time I pulled out my parka and Winter clothes, ready for the coming weeks. I decided to wear parka with my plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters, it’s surprisingly thick, so kept me pretty warm.

I went out on a walk around a small village with my family, it was a long drive, but once we were there I really enjoyed it, it was really relaxing to get out into the countryside for a bit, it’s such a different atmosphere to the city. Once we’d had a look around, we stopped in this gorgeous little café to get a bite to eat, the cakes were to die for: lemon drizzle cake and chips on a freezing Autumn day, I was a very happy person!

If you don’t think this looks delicious then I don’t know what to say, it was the best thing I could have asked for! I will definitely be coming back here for more soon!

What did you think of my OOTD post, I’m trying to keep these coming every Sunday, so look out for another next week!


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