Halloween Costume Ideas: Disney Inspired



So my Monday Autumn post has come from a problem I’ve had this weekend. Like many others, I decided to try and find a Halloween costume last minute. Bad idea. I know. I decided to go with the Disney theme, but I wanted to keep it appropriate, there’s way too many revealing costumes out there for Halloween I reckon? These were my favourite outfit ideas from Pinterest, featuring t Rapunzel, Minnie and Ariel!

Firstly, the Ariel costume is absolute genius! The red hair is really realistic and stays true to her mermaid-self, but it’s a twist on the classic mermaid look as we see Ariel on land, not in the water. Personally, I think it’s a much better alternative to purple sequin bras and bright miniskirts? Next lets talk about this adorable family effort from the movie ‘Tangled’, my all time favourite Disney movie, I think it’s so sweet that they all have matching outfits, the guys outfit is a perfect example of how you can turn everyday outfit into costumes too! I love the Minnie Mouse look too, it’s the simplest look out of the three, but can be dressed up or down fairly easily- you could wear it for both an office party or to go out with your friends.

I love all three outfits and would quite happily go as any of these for Halloween, if it was possible. I’ve decided to go with Snow White as my costume this year, I’m sure I will post all about my outfit etc, in the next week but as it hasn’t exactly arrived yet, it’s quite difficult at the moment!

Are you doing anything for Halloween? Don’t forget to comment your blog links below too, I love discovering new blogs:)


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