20 Facts about me.

Currently, I have about six or seven posts on the go, with lots of lovely reviews coming up, but today I thought I would do a post so y’all could know a little more about me and my blog, especially since Ive only just started blogging again and I’m pretty sure that I’ve changed in the last year/since I did a post like this.


1. I’m back blogging for the second time (if you’re new here) and in the next few weeks I’m planning to transform my blog to suit my current style, hopefully it will be an improvement?

2. I really want to ombré my hair, but I’m too scared to commit to it, it’s been about a year since I dyed my hair, so my roots are darker than the ends, but I would quite like to make it a more dramatic change.

3. I love Disney: all the movies, books, parks, everything! Tangled is by far my favourite but I do love Lilo and Stitch too.

4. I would love a pair of Dr Martens, the Serena tan boots are on my current lust list,if I could put them on my ‘Weekly Wishlist’ every week I would!

5.I love going to concerts with my friends, it’s got to be the ultimate girly night out for me, I don’t mind who we see as long as there’s a great atmosphere, what’s not to love?

6.The singer I most want to see live is Jake Miller, but as he’s American, I can’t see him doing a UK tour anytime soon, sad times. As for a band to see live, it’s gotta be the Arctic Monkeys or The1975?

7.I own way too many pairs of trainers; I’m pretty sure I live in my Nike Air Max ones!

8.As I’m sure you’ve gathered from this post, I overuse exclamation posts way too often!

9.Favourite app? Got to be the ‘Just Eat’ one, not going to lie…

10. I have a half-broken iPhone 4, which I take half of my blog photos on (the bad ones) but will be upgrading soon (yay!)

11.The good blog photos are taken on my Canon Bridge, I got it last Christmas and am just starting to figure out all the amazing things it does

12.I love shopping in Topshop, Urban Outfitters. For Vintage I love COW, but I’m not a big vintage wear-er (is that a word?)

13.Cookie Dough + Pizza + Netflix + Big hoodies + Duvet + my doggy + Yankee Candle… My favourite things summed up into one night

14.One day I would love to visit New York over Christmas, it would be a dream come true for me!

15.My ‘trash tv’ favourite is Americas Next Top Model, I can’t believe cycle 20 is over already!

16.My favourite emoji are the monkeys, and the french fries one is pretty damn awesome too

17.I love sleeping, I really do! I just can’t function without at least eight hours, or I’m like a walking zombie.

18.My favourite season is Autumn: Halloween and Bonfire Night and falling leaves and chunky scarves and long dog walks and boots and early nights and baths and jeans and oh, it’s amazing!

19.I write very long blog posts, as you can see. I often have to cut down before publishing, and even then they’re pretty darn long

20. I love nothing more than a day at a at theme park: Thorpe Park and Alton Towers are the most amazing places!

So there you have it, I guess you know much more about me now… Comment a random fact about you or your blog below, let’s see who will leave the strangest one!

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