The Month That Was: October 2014

Wow, October was a busy one! Just from the images posted on my blog, and a few that I’m yet to mention, it’s been pretty hectic. So I thought I would take my regular Sunday OOTD post, and use it’s an opportunity to share with you my month. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Most of you will recognise these images from around my blog, or on my instagram, but there are a few which I haven’t posted- which I should probably explain…. So last week, I went to a concert to see one of my favourite artists, and although I haven’t written a post about it, next week I’m going to do a ‘concert essentials’ kinda post, it’s on my schedule!

The rest are pretty self explanatory: I’ve eaten quite a few pot noodles, they’re the best thing for the cold weather. My nails have constantly been black, I’m in love with my Chanel polish. I’ve done three OOTDs this month, which I intend to keep up, they’re quite fun to post. I’ve been to some amazing firework shows, I’m so lucky to live somewhere, where the displays go on for ages. Lush baths have been getting me through the month too. My Northern Lights bath bomb has literally been my favourite thing in the whole wide world.

What has everyone been upto this month? I’m pretty sure that November will be even more hectic than October, let’s just wait and see!


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