Lately I’ve felt this kind of post has been way overdue, I first saw the idea on another blog, one of my favourites may I add,, an incredibly talented blogger, both for the words and photographs used! So I’ve wanted to give this kinda post a go for a while, but it’s taken a few weeks to collect the appropriate photos…

Reading:Company magazines, I love them! I came across a load of old copies in my room tucked in a corner, so decided to have a quick flick through them, it’s so interesting to see the fashions change month by month, and to compare the styles to this time last year etc. I promise you, it’s really quite spectacular to see how that skirt I desperately wanted last Christmas, I wouldn’t have been seen wearing now. Disaster averted as I didn’t buy it, thank god!


Listening: Jake Miller, Scouting for Girls, Saint Raymond, to name a few…I think anyone who reads my blog knows that I take my music very seriously, this is my spotify playlist from this week (yes, it does change every week), I’m absolutely loving Saint Raymond at the moment, they’re like a mixture between Imagine Dragons and Bastille, but with their own original songs: my favourite are in this playlist, but there are so many more amazing songs too! I was also rather excited because this week my favourite American rapper, Jake Miller, released his new EP ‘Lionheart’, I’m obsessed with all his other songs, and let me tell you this EP didn’t disappoint!


Photographing: My dog, everyone meet my six month year old Weimarana puppy. Lover of Kong toys, ripping up bedding and squeaky toys. This week she hasn’t been too happy though, the fireworks have really scared her, bless!


Watching: The Hunger Games, I’m so excited for the third movie to come out: Mockingjay part one, so in preparation I’ve been catching up on the other two movies, note to Netflix though, please put the first one back on?


Using: Pinterest, I do love my pinterest. If you want to give me a follow then click here, I’ve got all my blog pictures, as well as all the fashion and beauty goodness I love, with a few good old pictures of cities and song lyrics and tumblr-esque quotes and cookies and all that jazz thrown into it too.


Wearing:Chanel Nail Polish: it’s black and shimmery, what more can you ask for for AW season? Personally, I don’t like bright nails for Autumn or Winter, so I like to play it down with a burgundy or black polish. This one is a really nice colour as it isn’t just one colour (black), the shimmer adds a bit of life to it?


Learning: How to get good photos for your blog via

I’m amazed at all of these photographs on her blog, so why not have a little look for yourself? It’s really inspired me to have a real think about the photos I post, and encourages me to try and improve them. Her blog has a lot of photos, which don’t really need many words as the pictures say it all-someday I would like to achieve that too!IMG_0396.PNG

Reminiscing upon: My Summer Holiday, oh how I wish I was still on holiday. The beach and the food and the pool and the chilling and the days filled with just listening to music and getting a tan and not having a care in the world about anything except which ice cream to have and oh, I can’t wait to do it again.


That’s what I’ve been doing lately, I really love the idea of this post, it may have turned into a bit of an essay, but there’s lots of pretty pictures to make up for it, I hope?


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Samantha says:

    Thank you so much for including me within your post.. It truelly means a lot :)! Such a lovely post and blog xx

    1. mydogblog09 says:

      Thankyou, I love reading your blog and just wanted to give a true post on what I had been reading lately:)

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