Bonfires < Wednesday Nights

“You’re house burnt down in this bonfire, ’cause a house is not a home when you’re alone. You can laugh and cry now, it’s all you want, but we’ll see who is standing in the end…” Oh I do love a bit of Saint Raymond to listen to on a Saturday morning!



How was everybody’s bonfire night? I went to a local firework and bonfire display thing and really enjoyed it, despite the freezing temperature- I hope the weather holds out for all the displays going on tonight though, it won’t be as much fun in the rain but hopefully the atmosphere will outweigh the importance of the weather? I’m no photographer myself, but I managed to get a few pictures of the fireworks on my phone (I really wanted to take my camera, but decided against it in the end, regretting it a bit now though)

As the title suggests, ‘Bonfires < Average Wednesday Nights'
it was definitely better than most of my Wednesday nights sat in front of the TV watching The Apprentice and Waterloo Road, it’s a chance to go out with family or friends and enjoy yourself and just their company I guess? You just have to wrap up warm and expect a lot of loud noises and a brightly lit sky- could you ask for much more?


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