How to: Survive a Concert

So let’s get one thing straight. I’ve not been to a million concerts, Ive been to quite a few these last few years but before then, the idea of standing around waiting for some average band to perform when I could just listen to them on iTunes just didn’t appeal to me. Now? I’m hooked. The atmosphere is something you can’t get anywhere else. So here I am, trying to help you survive your own concerts too, so that maybe you’ll enjoy them as much as I do?

Here’s my top five tips and ideas to help you have the best possible night you can, by no means does it mean you have to do these things to have a good time, they’re just things I’ve found really helped me to enjoy myself.

1. Drink water, and a lot of it. There’s nothing worse than the band being in the middle their set, and you feeling like you’re going to die from dehydration, not literally, of course, but we’ve all exaggerated about that kind of thing at one point or another. Buy a bottle of it (or whatever you fancy) before they play will stop this problem, it means you aren’t fighting your way to the bar halfway through your favourite song, and you’re hydrates enough to keep dancing until the end (hopefully!)

2. Getting there early does pay off. I’m not suggesting you arrive at 10am to get a front row view, but if you’re standing and you turn up ten minutes before the band are on, and you’re standing, don’t expect to be anywhere near the front. It may seem pretty obvious but it so easy to leave later so you have more time to get ready, or pick up friends on the way etc.

3. Dress appropriately. I’m not saying no to any heels, I’m just saying I’m always very impressed at those who can manage to dance in their platforms at concerts. Makeup-wise, go with long lasting over anything else, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to sweat it all of (gross, but true)

4. Take the right stuff with you, below is all my concert essentials which I take with me every time, and yes, you should take more than £5, and no you don’t have to wear a watch. I wear mine everyday and it goes with mode outfits so I just like to have it on me.
5. Have fun! It may seem silly, but trust me, it’s easy to get sucked into the millions of pessimistic things you can come up with at a concert, but chances are you won’t get to see them again, so don’t miss the opportunity to create some great memories there?

Hopefully I’ve helped you, comment down below the artist you’ve either most enjoyed seeing, or who you would most like to see. For me, I enjoyed seeing Ed Sheeran the most, but I really desperately want to see Eminem or Maroon 5 live.


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