The Maze Runner

Film Friday’s, it’s a thing I promise. Well it is for me and my friends anyways. Every few weeks, we go to the movies on a Friday to see whatever is out. Sometimes it’s a chick flick (my favourite), a comedy (their favourite) or occasionally the odd action movie too. And of course, if there’s any movie with our favourite celebrities in, it’s a must see. So in this post, I thought I would just give you an idea of what movies are out at the moment and what I thought of them

The Maze Runner
This one was out back in October, but it was still a pretty good movie in its own right. It’s all about Thomas, who one day wakes up in a mysterious maze, a somewhat evil organisation (WCKD) sent him there. With no recollections of life previous life (except his name), he is greeted by others there with suspicion, as after Thomas’ arrival everything starts to change. Can they find a way out of the maze and escape the grievers, which will surely kill them all if they stay? The real question is though, what is on the other side, will society be as they remembered?

I honestly quite enjoyed this movie, the believability isn’t completely there, but it’s what I would expect from a sci-fi action movie? If you liked the Hunger Games or Divergent you would really enjoy this movie. I think although it’s rated a 12 (PG-13), both adults and teenagers would enjoy the movie, as long as it’s a genre you enjoy watching.

Oh, and remember little Sam from Love Actually? Well ten years later he’s all grown up now, Thomas Brodie-Sangster plays Newt in The Maze Runner!


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