Oh what I would do to be back on holiday! This summer I visited the beautiful island of Majorca, it was a fantastic week of relaxing by the pool and going out for fancy food in the evening. I love those kinds of holidays where you really don’t have to do anything. It’s such a contrast to our daily lives of hectic phone calls and jobs and work and everything else that goes on in between. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and relax.

These photos are all from my trip to Majorca, it was the first time I really tested out my ‘proper’ camera, so hopefully I will be able to improve by my next holiday, but as a first attempt I’m quite pleased with them!

What are you reminiscing at the moment?


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  1. Your photo’s are great. Made me think about how lovely being away on holiday is, oh and how I’d love to be swimming about in that gorgeous, blue sea! : )

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