My Thoughts on: Chanel ‘Le Vernis’ Nail Polish

I’m sure if you follow my instagram that this image will be familiar, for the last few weeks I’ve been completely and utterly obsessed with this nail polish, the colour is perfect for a Autumn and Winter transition, especially as it has a bit of shimmer and glitter in it too. I’ve not had anything else on my nails in a good while now if Im honest.

But despite all this, the nail polish formula itself is rubbish, I really didn’t expect this kind of quality from Chanel. The only reason I’ve been wearing it is because I like the colour, but it’s meant I’ve had to add more coats and touch it up almost every day! Look at this, two or three coats of the Chanel polish and a No7 Gel Overcoat and this is my nails just 24 hours later…

Admittedly, I didn’t buy this nail polish myself, I was bought it for Christmas, I definitely couldn’t warrant spending £18 on a bottle myself. But the point in that this stuff is seriously expensive, for poor results, could it just be my bottle? There’s no way of knowing, but I won’t be taking a risk to buy anymore any time soon!


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