The Imitation Game


The Imitation Game
It only came out last Friday, I went on the opening night and was pretty surprised at how quiet the cinema was, it was heavily publicised but just didn’t seem to be the most popular option with everyone that night? This movie depicts the life of Alan Turing and the Enigma machine which helped us Britons to win the war. It’s estimated that it shortened the war by two years, how amazing is that? Now I hadn’t read much into Turing prior to the movie, but I came out a complete expert on him and the enigma (if I may say so) the movie is packed with information, but portrays it in a way which makes it an enjoyable watch, it was so interesting to see how the enigma worked, but even more shocking to see the way that homosexuals were treated during the war in Britain, to think that 50 years later, gay marriage has been legalised is definitely a huge step in the right direction.

Benedict Cumberbatch aka Sherlock, along with Keira Knightly pull off an incredibly moving portrayal of WW2 SS Workers; as a whole, (cast, setting and graphics )you would believe you’re back in the ’40s! If you enjoy watching War movies, or historical documentaries, this is definitely one for you!

I hope this helped if you are thinking of going to the cinema soon, I really enjoyed both movies and would happily see them again. Next time I’m desperate to see the new Ansel Engort movie, ‘Men, Women and Children’!


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