It’s Kind of a Funny Story

A review, a contemplation and a battle of which is best: book or movie?


So, yes. This book is aimed at young adults, but if I’m really honest, I can see my twenty something year old self enjoying it just as much as any sixteen year old self, so therefore I’m going to review it to both age groups. I really went to town with my research on this post too, I didn’t want to recommend the book to anyone too young because although the movie is rated a 12, I think the book is more for 14-16+, so I checked a bunch of websites and they agreed- a good start, no?

Back to the book, it’s all about Craig, our gifted protagonist who suffers from depression, and one night decides to check into a psychiatric ward of a hospital, after feeling suicidal. Once in, he has to stay for five days, that’s the rules. And these rules aren’t going to bend for anyone. Whilst in there he meets Noelle, a teen suffering from similar issues; Bobby, who is in the hospital to try and help his daughter have a better life; we see how the littlest things in life can make us so happy and others so upset, it’s a truly moving book but gives hope and shows that no matter how low you feel, there’s always something you can do about it.

The point of this review isn’t to tell you what happens, you can find that out for yourself, and if you do choose to read it, you’re in for a few surprises that will make you laugh and cry. Yes, this is both the movie and the book. No, this doesn’t mean they’re equally as good.

Sorry I guess the picture is a bit of a spoiler! But with movies, there are always going to be points where what you imagine in your head, doesn’t quite translate the same on the screen. Although I love Keir Gilchrist’s portrayal of Craig, I wouldn’t have pictured him looking how he does. Same for Emma Roberts, I think she does an incredible job in the movie, but I never saw Noelle like that back when I first thought up little pictures of them in my minds eye as I read.

It’s such a shame that the author, Ned Vizzini committed suicide himself last year, he was an incredibly talented man and it’s great he was able to share his book with such an audience, I would have loved to have written anything else he wrote though, had he written more books post It’s Kind of a Funny Story.


I’m not going to lie and say it’s a happy book about happy things and happy lives, because clearly it isn’t. It’s about depression and suicide, but it’s about recovery and staying strong too, and I think that the most important message you can take from this book. A bit of a depressing book with positive, powerful messages. His book definitely addresses serious issues well, Ned Vizzini draws upon his own experiences after all? ‘The first and most important step I took happened a week after I left the psych hospital, when I realized, while looking over my receipts of all things, that suicide was not an option,‘ he said in the 2006 interview.

Have you ever read this book or seen the movie? I’m rereading it at the moment, even though the last time I read it was only during My summer holiday! Which do you prefer book or movie?


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