When a break is due…


So yes, I know this post is overdue. I haven’t posted properly in over a month now (except a few scheduled posts), without valid reasons. Yes, this is my cliché ‘I’m sorry it won’t happen again’ post.

I just needed a break. Blogging is something I do in my free time which I really enjoy, but when I have no free time, I have no time to blog. I tried to make an effort to keep it going but I after working until seven most nights, then finding time to sort out Christmas there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I even tried writing at night but let’s face it, nobody can write decent posts at 2am unless you’re superwoman. Plus being even more sleep deprived probably wasn’t the best idea ever?

I’m going to put it all behind me now and start afresh, especially with New Years coming up, I’m going to have a new project to work on for my blog in 2015 as well as a new design I think? Big changes are just around the corner!

Christmas and my hectic schedule are behind me for another year, so let’s hope that I can just get back on track! Thank you to everyone who has stuck by my blog, even when bumps in the road occur, it really means the world to read all the nice comments I get!


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