A Mixtape for December..

the xx and macbookI’ve not written a lifestyle post (or any post) in quite a while so I felt this one was overdue. As you probably know, I take my music very seriously- in fact I’m embarrassed to put my spottily statistics up on here- and I love posting about it. However, I felt a playlist is rather tedious, who wants a list without a valid point or reason? So here I am talking about music, as well as listing a bunch of music for you to try.

This month I’ve been loving anything acoustic or chilled out; anything from The xx, Birdy and Coldplay have been on a constant loop! I think Christmas is the time of year when relaxing music is best, I can’t stand cheesy Christmas tunes, but I don’t quite fancy rapping out to Eminem in the pits of Winter, y’know?

Some of my favourite songs have included…

Music Mixtape

What are your favourite songs you’ve been listening to this month? I’m always on the look out for new songs to listen to so don’t forget to leave a comment with your mixtape favourites!


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