So this is what I’ve been up to these last few weeks, it’s been crazy but completely worth it! I wrote a post like this back in November and I felt like another was way over due. So here goes!

Photographing: the rain. I’m not quite sure why, but at the moment I really love photographing the rain, it just looks all pretty and well… natural? We photograph so many things that are superficial and unnatural so it’s nice to be able to photograph something simple every once in a while?


Using: Chanel waterproof mascara. It’s my new favourite mascara in the whole wide world! I takes forever to get off but it’s completely worth it, I feel like I have the longest lashes with this baby on.

Reading: Wreck This Journal. Well, not so much reading, more doing but you get the idea. I received this for Christmas and haven’t been able to put it down since, it’s really creative and saves me spending the holidays watching crappy christmas TV!

Listening: to The XX, amongst other bands, I wrote a post about it here a few days ago about all my current favourites. But to sum it up, I like The XX an awful lot, as well as All Time Low and Ed Sheeran.

Wearing: Jack Wills pyjama bottoms. I have been living in these since Christmas, and I’m not even ashamed! They’re so comfy that it’s hard not too!


Watching: So I’ve watched loads of movies this month, but today I watched 8 Mile, yes the Eminem movie. No, I didn’t really like it to be honest, I expected a bit more from it to be honest? I’ve also been watching The Fault in our Stars and It’s Kind of a Funny Story too.


Eating: or drinking for that matter. Brownie hot chocolates from Costa have been on my necessities for this month. That or a gingerbread latte, I’ve had one almost everyday, making the most of the Winter menu I guess?

Reminiscing: on 2014. There’s been a lot of highs, a lot of low points too and of course my blog. I’ve met some amazing people, but lost some too. But this year I have really enjoyed making lasting memories with all my friends, it’s been so nice to go out and just chill out with them, yknow?


So that’s about it, my life in a nutshell. Until next time…


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