EOS Lip Balm Review


Who says you can have too many lip balms?

For me, you never can! I’m not a huge fan of lipstick for everyday wear so I tend just to wear a lip balm and that’s it. So here are my absolute favourites, EOS!

So these hit the UK shelves just over a year ago in Selfridges, but when I was over in the States I had been lucky enough to pick some up and try them out. Now everywhere seems to be selling them, but who could blame us? They smell delicious, they keep your lips from getting chapped and they last forever!

So I currently have: mint, pomegranate, pink grapefruit and orange flavoured EOS lip balms and they honestly smell exactly as they sound! Completely delicious, as good as lip balms get! What I love as well is that they’re good quality and the scent isn’t too overpowering and whatever chemicals they use doesn’t (seem to) damage your lips at all!

I can’t recommend these highly enough, £6 is a little pricey but it’s worth it because of how long it will last you!


Have you ever tried an EOS, what’s your favourite flavour?


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