SS15 Colour Report from Pantone


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It won’t be long until Winter leaves us once more and a whole new season of fashion will start: SS15! So today I thought I would share with you all the colours forecast for this season.

I’ve linked all the colours in order, just click on the number to explore Pantone’s colour schemes and find out what colours to wear together!

Pantone have an amazing website that not on just what colours are going to be big this season, but also exactly who used them at NYFW!



So as you can see from the colour list at the top of the page, there’s a hell of a lot of blue coming up this season! Which, I’m actually pretty pleased about- my wardrobe has so many different tones of blue in it, so it means I should be able to re-wear a lot of my wardrobe this season! In particular, Aquamarine Blue, Scuba Blue and Classic Blue appear on this list. In fact, Aquamarine blue was the most featured colour at NYFW, so I would definitely recommend it as a spring colour to add to your wardrobe!

So we have….

Aquamarine Blue
Royal Blue
Scuba Blue
Mint Green
Strawberry Ice
Toasted Almond

So in short, cooler colours this spring, even the pinks and orange tones are fairly soft too. I’m definitely not one for custard yellow, so you won’t be catching any spring OOTDs with yellow accents in. But the blues however, I can see myself in…

What do you think of this years forecast?


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