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So today, I’ve decided to write an opinionated piece, there aren’t enough of these around nowadays, it seems everyone is too scared to say what they think in writing I guess? I realise this is also going to be the most contradictive piece of writing I’ve published too, but here goes…

First of all, have a read of this article on


So Brandy Melville… Italian turned American clothing brand based at selling to young adults with the laid back ‘Cali girl’ look… Sells some of the loveliest items of clothing I’ve ever seen: I’m desperate to buy some of the jumpers and shorts they sell… My only problems are: A- the only store in the UK is a five hour drive away, and B- they sell one size, small.

And by small I don’t mean, an 8-10 like most of our brands… To fit into their jeans you need a 25″ waist, which I believe that’s a size zero? Am I the only one who sees this as wrong? Yes, I understand that will fit some girls out there, great for them. But I can assure you that not everyone in the US, or anywhere else for that matter is a size zero…. I mean, how damaging and disheartening it’s going to be to a teenage girl who wishes to shop there but can’t because she isn’t the desired size? Especially as they plaster the words ‘one size fits most‘ all over their stores?

I’m no asking for them to stop selling these sizes, or change what size they sell… But can’t Brandy Melville sell other sizes to appeal to an audience where even if you aren’t a size zero, you can still wear their clothes. I would love to order some of their items of clothing, especially the jumpers but I’m not a size zero, and if their jean sizes are anything to go by, I doubt they would fit me.

Have you ever shopped in Brandy Melville? What do you think of it?


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