What I’m Wearing: Pizza & Plays


Coat- Red Herring
Dress- New Look
Tights- M&S
Bag- Mulberry
Ring- Pandora

First outfit post for 2015! It’s just a quick one (and don’t ask about the hand) So today I went to the theatre, being the cultural citizen that I am. I really enjoyed it, even though ballets and theatre and all that jazz isn’t really my best interest. It was nice to do something different, yknow?

Onto to the outfit, it was really cold, but I was desperate to wear this new dress…so I went for it, along with tights of course! All the items are from this season, so they’re all in stock still, (I will leave links above). I paired the dress with my black Nike Air Forces, to dress it down a little, and a fluffy Eskimo coat. And of course no outfit of mine would be completely without my favourite handbag, an impulse Mulberry purchase has turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me, it honestly goes with everything and anything!


What do you think of my outfit? Would you like to see more outfit posts in the future?


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