5 things I’m excited to do in Amsterdam

So I have very exciting news… I’m going to Amsterdam! I’ve dreamt about going here for so long, and finally I’m going, it’s a completely amazing experience and I honestly can’t wait!

I plan to fit in as much as I can to the few days I’m there, so in my preparation of going, I thought I would share my top five things I’m going to do (and am most excited for), hopefully it might help you out if you’re planning to visit any of these places too?


1. Visiting Anne Frank’s House

It’s the most iconic diary of the Second World War, and what’s more, it’s written by someone who barely would have finished high school, not a professional journalist, not a fancy middle class writer, a teenage girl who had to suffer from the Nazis antisemitic ideas. I can’t wait to be in the same building that so much history took place, it should be really moving and bring home exactly what happened in 1945, y’know?


2. Eating
I mean cmon, it’s food! And how amazing do these waffles look? Apparently they’re a traditional food in Amsterdam, so I can’t wait to get my hands on some of them!


3. Bike Rides
I need to get fit, and I want to see the sites. Surely this is a win, win situation? I love these classic bikes and having a leisurely ride around such a beautiful city? Well, I honestly can’t think of anything else better!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 14.27.37

4. Using my Camera

So, I’m not goin to lie, I’m far from an expert when it comes to photography, but I do love using my bridge camera, and with such simplistic, beautiful sites, it would be completely and utterly rude not to take advantage and take some photos to capture the memories?

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 14.31.19

5. Going to Brandy Melville

Yes, I had a rant about this brand a few weeks ago, (if you missed it, just click here), and although I don’t agree with the brands moral values, I still love their clothes and if their ‘one size fits most’ manages to apply to me, then I might get a few bits and pieces.

So, this is it! If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam and want to leave me some ideas of what else I could do during my stay, I would really appreciate it!

Adios y tenes un día buena!


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