For When You’re Ill & Housebound…

Hello everyone!

So, from the title, can you guess who is currently ill and stuck in the house?

yes, me. big surprise, right?

So, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things to do while I’m not feeling great and having a day off. I mean, being ill sucks, and often I’m not up for half of these things, but sometimes moving about a little, really does make you feel better?


(Not going to lie, I’m loving this flash photo, quite proud for taking it)

So if I’m just in bed, sometimes I quite like to put on some music, either to help me sleep or just to keep me from going insane… I wouldn’t recommend anything too loud or shouty. Amber Run, Josh Record or The XX are my personal favourites when I just want some chill out music, but obviously everyone has their own tastes.


Remember to eat! When you’re feeling pretty poo, its easy to let the hours go by and not have anything to eat, but remember you body can’t get better if it isn’t getting the right nutrients or vitamins? This is what I ate today, (a banana cupcake and blueberries), for me its all about the comfort food when I’m under the weather!


Light a candle, or have a bath. simple suggestions. make a world of difference sometimes.


Big surprise, when I’m housebound, I blog! I find that it gives me something productive to do, and helps me fill the hours of coughing, spluttering, etc. I can be editing photos in bed, or typing on the laptop with Jeremy Kyle on in the background. Multitasking is not my forte, but I can just about manage this one.IMG_1021

This is an obvious choice. Get some good old movies on! Whether you just want a guilty pleasure chick-flick or a full on action movie, its a great way of forgetting about your illness,or  whatever it may be thats wrong with you, for a little while. I really enjoy watching Netflix as theres so much choice (I usually end up with a classic Disney movie though)

et voila! I hope that this is any help to you, and if not its help me get through a day of being ill at home..


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