Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Review

Today I’m sat in a café, sun beating down, writing blog posts, in my ripped jeans and docs, sipping my Starbucks smoothie, listening to The 1975, feeling very tumblr-esque… Hope everyone else is having an equally good day!

Back to the blog… Another (& my final) Rimmel Foundation review, I promise! I just love the brand’s complexion cosmetics, they’re the best high street ones I’ve found! Plus I’ve excused their range and I have no others to review for you all…

In terms of consistency, it’s quite thick, mousse-like. Not great for mixing foundations, and I wouldn’t recommend applying with a stippling brush (not impossible, but not pleasant). But what I do love about this foundation is its coverage. It’s honestly the best foundation I’ve found in terms of trying to cover any imperfections I may have.

Oh, and as you’d probably have guessed by the name, it gives a great matte finish, and it lasts all day long!

Their shades, as always, are great- especially for someone as pale as myself. I’m not quite pale enough to fit into the ’00 or Mont Blanc’ category, but I’m definitely not tanned at all. Rimmel 100 works great for me and matches my skin perfectly.

What do you think of this foundation, have you ever tried it?

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Natalie says:

    This is my go-to foundation. I do apply using a stippling brush it does take some doing :)) xxx

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