Sleep | 2am thoughts…

I hate waiting for sleep,

It comes all at once,
But God damn it,
It does take forever. 
It’s my favourite pastime
And my worst nightmare.
It takes everything away,
at least for a few hours.
Or can mock you, like nothing else.
Sleeping is always going to be something we need, 
but how can we make sure we get enough of it?
We will lie just overthinking,
Often leading to a worse state of mind, 
imagining everything,
often for hours on end before you gives in,
and finally you’re sleeping, 
at peace. 
you don’t have to think about anything,
no deadlines, no stress. 
So really,
who can blame us, 
for not wanting to get up and out of bed in the morning? 
Why would I want to face the world we live in, 
when I could be asleep, 
oblivious to the world. 
Not having to do a thing. 
Not having to think about anything.
It’s just the initial, procrastination of sleep,
that’s the most difficult..
We all do it at some point, 
some more than others granted, 
but we all do it. 
Lay in bed,
just thinking about nothing and everything,
I hate waiting for sleep to come. 
It comes all at once, 
but God damn it, 
it takes forever.
So there you have it, I decided to do a bit of creative writing late one night, and this is what I ended up with. Granted, I’m no expert and I can sleep better than some, but this week I’ve definitely been struggling.. I’m not sure if I will post again like this, but I definitely had a bit of fun writing something a bit more serious than shoes, yknow?

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