Make the Swap: Green Tea

So today I thought I would do a bit of a different kind of post. I’m starting a new series on fitness, health and well being. I’m definitely no expert, but I just want to give some tips and share things I’ve found out recently. Healthy recipes, fitness ideas and all that Jazz, what do you think?

So… I’m completely addicted to fruit and green teas, and wanted to share some of the perks it can have, just a cuppa a day, or making the small swap from regular tea can have incredible impacts…

It Prevents Cancer Cells: Okay, so compared with coffee, green tea has 10 times more antioxidants than those found in fruits and vegetables. Need proof? In Eastern countries like China and Japan, the percentage of population who have cancer, is much lower than the Western worlds. 

Stops you needing fillings: Yeah, you heard me. A fruity drink stops tooth decay. New research has shown that, a cup of green tea a day lowers your risk of tooth decay. Now for the sciences bit… Researchers assumed that the anti-microbial properties known as catechins of green tea are the reasons it can offer a protective role in your teeth and oral health. However, be wary as this only applies to green tea if you drink it without sugar or sweetener (to be honest, I can’t think of anything worse?)

It burns calories: The catechins are great to prevent tooth decay, but additionally,I can help by eliminating accumulated body fats. Medical research has shown  that the catechins found in green treat can prevent obesity because of their cholesterol-lowering abilities. Plus, green tea also raises your metabolism, thereby, helping you lose weight.

Lowers cholesterol and boosts your metabolism: Research has proven that both of these factors are made apparent by drinking green tea. Specifically, it gets rid of LDL cholesterol, the bad one. Clinical trials which took place showed that those participants with high LDL were found to have reduced LDL levels after they took green on a regular basis. How amazing is that?

It’s much better than soft drinks: or juice, or anything like that. Just think, fizzy drinks are destroying your teeth and making you dependant on its sweeteners… Green tea does the complete opposite, so by swapping soft drinks for green tea, you’ll really see some positive changes.

It can make you smarter: Is there really anything this drink can’t do? So first off, there’s caffeine in it, to keep you awake and energised.. However… green tea contains more than just caffeine. It also has the amino acid L-theanine, which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and gives you a mild, prolonged burst of energy. 

So maybe next time you’re grabbing a soda, have a think about all the perks green tea can have? 

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