March | My Life Lately…

  So this is my life lately… I’ve been pretty busy with art at the moment, but I’m really loving the Alice in Wonderland theme I’ve gone for, it’s really interesting to combine the modern version and the classic Disney one? My life is coming second at the moment, and work first, *sigh* but come July I will have a life again, no work at all! I have managed to find a bit of me time though, I went for a walk up North in the Peak District last weekend, and got to see the solar eclipse. Oh and I’ve been big on drinks! Costs are lovely, but £3.00 for an iced tea? I can’t afford that everyday, so I’ve made the swap from fizzy drinks to green tea (post here) although, I can’t help but cheat a little an have the occasional Rockstarr, I mean they technically don’t class as fizzy drinks, rights? 

More than anything at the moment, I just want to get away, go travel somewhere and chill out a bit, these coming months are going to be the hardest I’ve ever been through, and a break at the end would be amazing, except they’re so expensive! On a positive note though, I have booked some concert tickets for the coming Autumn, my favourite girls night out

What have you been upto this months?

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