Loves and Hates…

Morning Lovelies! I’ve decided to combine two days of my ’10 Days You Challenge’ because I’m a lazy sod, but also because it kinda made sense to do my loves and hates at once. I probably spent about an hour on tumblr and pinterest looking for the perfect words to sum up my loves and passions, as well as my phobias and fears. It look me a while, but I ended up realising that they’re basically the same feeling, just at opposite ends of the spectrum.
Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 21.27.46This sums it up perfectly. God thank Tumblr.

(After all that I decided I didn’t want to make this a really deep post, and so moved on to some more generic loves and hates for y’all, oops!)

Anyways, on with getting to know me a little better: my loves and hates, see how much of a contradiction I am?

Loves:                                           Hates:

Concerts                                    Big crowd

Nutella                                         Marmite

Kye (my puppy)                          Staying up late

Blogging                                Lack of privacy

Eyeliner                                 Fake eyelashes

Spotify                                 Big headphones

And the you have it, some of my loves, some of my hates, and most of all, an insight to how long I’m willing to spend to look for a quote to sum up how I feel, even if I don’t end up using it in a blog post (as such, anyways). See you tomorrow for my seven wants: I’ve done a lovely little wish list for y’all!

Sophia x

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