25 Things They Won’t Tell You About High School..


  1. You’ll want to leave as soon as you can,
  2. But as soon as you leave, you’ll miss it like hell.
  3. You’ll meet some amazing people, and they’ll stay in your life,
  4. But you’ll meet complete assholes too.
  5. Getting your heart broken is likely, by both boys and friendships,
  6. But you’ll laugh like nothing else, and smile like you never have done.
  7. You’ll keep in touch with a few people, the ones you care about,
  8. But you’ll forget about everyone else as soon as you leave.
  9. It will get stressful, and it will get hard,
  10. But you’ll find a way to cope, it just takes time.
  11. They’ll be crazy trends you follow, which you’ll regret in future years,
  12. But so will everyone else, so it’s okay.
  13. You’ll have late nights, finishing essay or talking to that person,
  14. But you’ll make up for it and fall asleep in lessons, at least once.
  15. You’ll find people that like you, and you’ll just click,
  16. But they’ll be people you don’t click with, (you can forget them).
  17. You’ll make some amazing memories, some positive, some negative
  18. But you’ll have stories to tell your children, for sure.
  19. You’ll smile, laugh and cry,
  20. But most of all, you won’t realise how fast the five years have gone.
  21. You’ll need unlimited access to biros, rulers and pencils,
  22. But that’s only if you’re good at losing things.
  23. You’ll prove that all your hard work is worth it, so don’t give up.

It’s been a while since I left high school, but I remember it so vividly, still. There are so many things that you’ll experience, that you won’t be prepared for, but you’ll have the oat amazing five years. Good luck to you all!

Sophia x

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