1pm: #ltbloggers


Today, at 1pm, I’m hosting the ‘Lunchtime Bloggers’ chat. I’m both very excited and nervous, as I’ve never hosted a chat before, hopefully it will go well…

The topic I have chosen to talk about is ‘time management in blogging’ as it’s something that I personally really struggle with, so I thought we could all share some tips etc. I thought I would give you a little insight to what I intend to ask during the chat, incase you want to have a think about your answers, as it wasn’t until I really thought about it, I realised how lazy I am when it comes to scheduling etc.

Q1: How do you balance blogging with your ‘normal’ life? 

Q2: How much time, on average, does your blog take up in your day?

Q3: What do you think of scheduling posts, is it possible to schedule too far in advance?

Q4: What tips do you have for someone who struggles to find time to blog?

Q5: What are your hopes for the future with your blog? Do you think you’ll always have time for it?

Obviously this is just a rough draft, and we will see how the chat goes as to what questions get asked, but here you go! See you at 1pm on twitter, don’t forget to follow @mydogblog09 so you can see all the questions!

Sophia x

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