#WeBlogSummer: Meet The Bloggers


Evening lovelies!

I thought it seemed appropriate to introduce you to all of the bloggers involved in #WeBlogSummer, they’re all such lovely people and I can’t wait to start this project with them!

The Lifestyle Blogger
Rosie from Damzel In This Dress
Georgina from Confessions of a Teenage Blogger
Jayde from Jayde Danielle
Kayleigh from Hazelnut Musings
Elizabeth from Diary of a Girl
Georgia from Suggested by Georgia
Kirsty from Kirsty Talks
Kim from Scarves and Scones
Emily from Emily Underworld
Emma from The Fashion Six
Charlotte from Black and White Sheep
Mrs Ludena from Couture with a Conscience
Laila at Tape Parade
Bronagh from Bronagh’s Beauty and Books
Emily from Fast Fashionista
Vinny from Holistic Health Hun
Marie from Shopaholic with Love
Rachael from Happy Little Syllables
Medusa from Borondys
Sophie from Vava Violet
Robyn from Hey There Robyn
Krystal from Krystal Cx

Dani from What Danielle Loves

Don’t forget to check out their blogs, especially from Monday once #WeBlogSummer has begun!

And if you want to get involved, it’s not too late! Just tweet me your email address and I will get you up to date!

Sophia x

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