Nail Wrapz Review & Tutorial*

From ‘What I’m Wearing: Heat and Halternecks*’

Remember these beauties from my OOTD earlier in the week? I said I would get on to my review of them!

I love painting my nails so so much, always. I remember in High School I would constantly be sent to get the nail varnish remover, but that didn’t stop me! Luckily, I’ve graduated from cheap nail varnish that seems to chip as soon as you put the bottle away, and now tend to look for long lasting alternatives… *cue NailWrapz*

Firstly, I would like to thank the lovely people over at for sending me some samples of their wraps for me to try out, I received four different styles: Chevron, Diamondfade and two others, they were honestly the best nail wraps I’ve tried to date.

RRP $14.99 for 40 pieces (twice this size)

As a first attempt, I chose to use the ‘pink scratch’ design, as I thought, pastel pink will go with anything for summer, right? I’m happy to say I was right, and I’ve been able to wear them gladly, without worrying about it clashing with my outfit. I also gave my sister a manicure using the ‘chevron’ design, and she loved them, we’re currently looking at which ones to order next!

What I love most is how easy they are to apply, you’re given a card (below) with each order, describing the process, as well as information on their website. There are 10 simple steps, which with patience and practice, should take a maximum of ten minutes to complete.

  1. Remove cuticles (optional)
  2. Clean nails with alcohol – this step is vital
  3. Choose size – trimming may be needed
  4. Crack and peel at center
  5. Grab with tweezers or fingers and peel off
  6. Heat wrap
  7. Align on fingernail and press firmly in the center then down the sides
  8. Bend excess over the tip and gently file away
  9. Repeat on all desired nails
  10. Heat again to set

IMG_3070 IMG_3093
Overall, I’m completely and utterly impressed by the nail designs, and the fact that they have lasted me two weeks. Upon removal, I only needed to peel them off, and my nails were in the same condition as when I applied them two week prior. But most of all, the reason I would keep going back to is because of their communication and quick deliveries. It took around a week to receive my order, and considering they’re shipped from the US, I was really impressed! I’ve kept in touch with them via twitter too, which was quite lovely, I definitely felt that if, for whatever reason, they weren’t what I expected, I could talk to them about.

Agh, that was a lot of words for one post! But, I feel like I’ve expressed my love for my new nail wraps enough. As always, I’ve been completely 100% honest, and would love to hear about whether you’ve tried this product before. Did you have the same experience as I did?

Don’t forget to visit for more information, and a wider variety of nails!

Love Sophia x

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