#WeBlogSummer: The Beginning & My Bucketlist

Evening lovely people of the Internet, tonight I bring you my project #weblogsummer in its beginning. I’m so friggin’ excited, agh!

So, I’ve explained what #WeBlogSummer is all about already (click here if you missed the post), so I figured instead of boring you with the same old information, which you can just read here, I would give you the five things I’m most looking forward to about this summer…

  1. NO WORK! I get a summer free of deadlines and working, or studying, at unsociable hours, and instead, I will be having many Netflix marathons, with many Pot Noodles. I don’t even regret it.
  2. I GET TO GO ON A PLANE! To many people, I know it might not seem like a big deal, but it I love flying, so the plane journey when I go away is always enjoyable. Not as enjoyable as Duty Free though, I’m not responsible for my credit card bill after…
  3. NO PLANS! I have the kind of friends that will text me and be like ‘meet me in an hour’, we always make last minute plans, but I love it because it means we end up doing pretty spontaneous things, that my boring, introverted self would never have dreamt of.
  4.  #WEBLOGSUMMER, DUH? I wouldn’t have dedicated so much time to this project if I didn’t enjoy it, or think it wasn’t going to go anywhere. It’s my first collaboration project, and I can’t wait to watch it grow!
  5. FESTIVAL SEASON! I saved the best for last, it’s festival season ladies and gentlemen and I can’t wait to the main stage and embrace the whole festival atmosphere!

Which brings me onto my ‘Summer Bucketlist’, I do one of these every summer, I’m hoping to completely finish it this year!

Don’t forget to check out my lovely links for their posts this week Krystal cx and Emily Underworld  and Eliza and Bronagh and Deborah and Jayde and Kayleigh and Georgia and Georgina and Angie and Dani and Lifestyle Blogger and Rosie and Sara…. (So yeah, basically all of you)

You can find everyone else’s posts over on Twitter, just search for #weblogsummer (or y’know, just click here)

Next week in the collaboration #WeBlogSummer, we talk summer holidays, so be sure to check out next week’s post!  We’ll be back at 7pm again next Monday, if you want to join us, just send me a quick message on Twitter, or an email to mydogblog09@outlook.com

Sophia x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. borondys says:

    No work… it sounds so good. Your summer looks really exciting and I love the bucket list!
    I was going to ask about your holidays but I can wait till next week :D.

    Nice initiative, I am enjoying it a lot.


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