Dear ‘Little’ Sister…

Dear Little Sister,I don’t really know why I started with ‘little’, I mean, you’re not that much younger than me, and as much as I hate to admit it, you are the slightest bit taller than me.

Anyway, dearest Em, I know you probably won’t see this, but I wanted to post it in case you do one day. I just wanted to say a massive thankyou. Thankyou for being there for me, when nobody else was, thankyou for always supporting my crazy ideas, and mad hair styles, and sticking with my phases, but that isn’t what this post was about…

Most of all, I wanted to thank you for supporting my blog. You’re the only one who has ever seen it, and who I’ve completely and utterly trusted with it. You’re my photographer, proof reader, and full time cheerleader. I don’t know what I would have done without you. For one, there would be no outfit posts, but moreover, there probably wouldn’t be a blog altogether. The number of times I’ve panicked, or been close to giving up, you’ve always helped me to see through it, often without even realising it.

You’re the only person I can talk to my blog about without feeling really silly, in fact, you make me feel like it’s worthwhile, you make me proud of it. I really can’t put it into words. You honestly don’t know what an angel you’ve been. Thankyou.

What’s more, I’m so so proud of you, and your achievements in life so far, I know you’ll smash everything that comes your way, and I’ll support you, just as you’ve done for me. We’re not out of the dark yet,

Love, your ‘big sister’,

Sophia x

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