Guest Post: DIY Fashion- How Much Is Too Much?

A big thank you to @mydogblog09 for allowing me to guest post on her fabulous blog! It’s been a while since I’ve done a guest post and I do hope you all enjoy my rather embarrassing DIY fashion disaster …


My intrigue of ‘DIY’ began when I was pretty young. I would attempt to ‘DIY’ whatever I could get my hands on, much to my parents annoyance.

This story is very much true and yes, rather embarrassing to look back on now. I actually tried to MAKE a pair of trousers myself out of an old curtain I found at my parents’ house.

So, my idea of ‘designing’ a pair of trousers went like this:

  1. Flatten out the curtain on the floor
  2. Lie on said curtain (with original and I have to say, VERY baggy trousers still on)

 Not really sure how I did this next part…

 3. Draw around ones legs with a biro about an inch away from the skin (obviously so that I would have room to sew them up afterwards?!)

  1. Do the same on the other curtain and cut out around the biro’d lines.

 Yes, back then I really thought this was how people ‘designed’ trousers!!

 After this I just began to sew the 2 pieces of cut up curtain together to make my trousers. Oh yes, what I didn’t mention was, these curtains were a weird yellow colour with BRIGHT yellow leaves dotted all over them. I know, what a GORGEOUS pair of trousers this material would make…I can hear you all saying…?!

 After what felt like an eternity sewing up my ‘trousers’ BY HAND, I turned them the right way out. At this point they looked pretty good!! The sewing, to my eyes looked ok and they kind of resembled trousers! I couldn’t believe it!

I rushed to try on my ‘NEW’ pair of trousers…this was where the problems began to start. I managed to get them on over my knees and about half way up my thighs before I realised, for some reason the trousers were smaller at the top. There was no way my butt was getting in these ‘trousers’ I had totally forgotten to leave extra room around the butt area when doing my biro’ing! What a rookie mistake…along with the rest of them!

 So there went my dream of becoming a designer!

 Have you ever tried making anything like this for yourself? If so, how did you get on, I’d love to know.

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xx LB xx




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo says:

    Usually novices at trouser-making can’t figure how to sew it to get 2 legs — I’d say well done even if they didn’t fit. Thankfully I started sewing very young but my grandmother (who could do everything) cut out the fabric. Eventually I caught up with the rest of my family — grandmother, mother, and sister — who could all design and sew. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. I’ve never tried making pants before, but I’ve had various degrees of luck making skirts, dresses, tops and once the most complicated purse ever – the lining part broke my brain, haha! My sewing machine died a horrible death last year while I was making curtains, so I haven’t sewn anything since then.

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