Why NOT To Go Abroad This Year (#WeBlogSummer)

Yeah, you read that right. This week, I’m talking travel, as part of #WeBlogSummer, but I wanted to take an alternative to what I thought other people would be posting about, hense, the perfect holiday in England. So, ten reasons to not go abroad this year….

1. It’s still pretty here?
Below, Exhibit A: a photo I recently took at Formby Beach, in the North; a cute little beach where all Northerners seem to come in quantities on a sunny day. My point is, you don’t need to go a million miles to get those beach photos you wanted!
2. It’ll save you a **** load of money
Its nt just the accommodation you have to think about, it’s flights and overpriced drinks and then you have to change your currency, and well, let’s face it, you’ll end up spending a good wad of money before you’ve left the airport. It all adds up! Stay put, or travel somewhere else in the county, and simply avoid the whole airport costs altogether!

3. More flexibility
Basically, you can go when you want to where you want, without having to worry about coresponding to fought dates, and typically, UK holiday homes have pretty good changeover days.

4. We’re at our summer peak 
While it’s the peak of sunshine, why not make the most of the sun you’ll get in the UK? This leaves you with endless beaches, sandy walks and well, a holiday destination in the sun. If you’re all about the tan and heat, go abroad in another holiday, when it’s not sunny in the UK, and you need to get away?

5. No language barrier
How many times have you been sat in a restaurant on holiday too afraid to ask for the bill, or going elsewhere because the owners don’t speak English? It’s true, we are a pretty blind nation, and few of us speak good French or Spanish, but staying in England avoids the problem altogether!

6. You can read more books!
I’m not shy to say I do love a good book on holiday, and my logic is that if you’re saving money by staying in the UK, you can splash out on some extra reads for the holiday, no?


7. No time difference
It’s  not always a massive issue, but you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty frustrating right?

8. No airport delays 
Whether it’s in the sky or on the ground, nobody likes being stuck in somewhere they aren’t familiar with, and it’s fair to say that the airport is the appitamy of this, eugh,shudders at the thought

 9. You can make long lasting friendships
Sometimes you’ll meet the odd couple abroad, but then never see them again after you return home? I don’t know what it is about UK holidays, but you get a sense of community, and they’re the only places I’ve kept in touch with people. After living in Cornwall for a portion of my childhood, I can honestly say the Cornish folk are the loveliest people I’ve ever met!

10. Just, why not?
What are you afraid of? Why wouldn’t you want to give it a go?

And so there you have it, stay in the UK one summer, have an amazing time! This week, I’m linking with the very talented Emma from The Fashion Six Blog, the newly acquainted Sarah Chester and the wonderful Georgina from Confessions of a Teenage Blog, go check out their posts, based around the topic ‘travel’.

Disclaimer: I’m going to the Portuguese island  of Madeira this summer, not anywhere in the UK. However, it hasn’t changed my opinion of UK holidays, and stand by everything I’ve said in the post

See you next week for Summer Photography / Music!

Sophia x


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    1. mydogblog09 says:

      I love this post, you’ve done so much!

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