Wreck This Journal: Part Two

 Remember my first WTJ post? (If not, it’s here) it’s been so long since I gave an update, so I figured, why not now? It’s my version of art therapy I guess, and in the last few months I’ve really been getting into it. Here are some of my favourite pages:

Document A Boring Event In Detail: This is probsbly my favourite, im really pleased with my eye drawing, as well as the text, it describes a simple task of looking at someone, but shows all the emotion behnd it.   

Space For Negative Comments: This is a quote i found on Tumblr, it seems to sum up a lot , i dont know.

Document Your Dinner: I love mixed media, so had to throw it in somewhere; I documented my week off ill, so apologies for the food choicesand mass of Pot Noodles   

Draw Thick and Thin Lines: I remember doing these as a kid and they were pretty fun, I’m pleased to say ten years on, it’s just as good!

I’ll hopefully be posting more of my other WTJ pages, I’m on a page a day at the mo, so should have lots to share!

Sophia x

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amani Carson says:

    Your Wreck This Journal looks sooo beautiful. A lot better than mine, which I gave up on haha

    Amani x

    1. mydogblog09 says:

      Awh thankyou! I’m sure yours is lovely too, more than you think, they’re great for passing the time though aren’t they?x

  2. Nabeela says:

    Oh wow your writing is beautiful in the first one, plus your eye drawing is amazing, you’re really talented!! Love Wreck This Journal posts, it’s so cool how everyone manages to interpret it differently and create such wonderful art. Great post Sophia, loved it!!

    Nabeela xo

    1. mydogblog09 says:

      Thankyou so much!x

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