4 Ways to Wear Marsala (#WeBlogSummer)

4 Ways to Wear Marsala
Firstly, I’m sorry for not posting this week, I had to take a week off as I’ve been looking after my sister, who got pretty ill last week, but fingers crossed, I’m back to normal now. This week for #WeBlogSummer, the topic was ‘trends’, so I decided to pick next seasons most popular colour, and help you style it! Marsala, or to you and I, burgundy or a wine colour; here’s how you can wear it everyday: for work, shopping or on a night out!
1. Dress it up
So, let’s start off with our feature colour: it’s subtly introduced in the top, to compliment a black leather skirt, (combining this seasons hot colour, with the hot trend of punk). The lips are a berry colour to emphasise the ‘Marsala look’ let’s call it. This ultimately hints at the colour twice, without taking all the attention. This outfit could be worn on a night out, especially in those heels.
2. Dress it down
This outfit really doesn’t get much more causal, but I feel that by, once again, combining punk and Marsala, the outfit is on trend, and any fashion-keen-eye would identify the thought behind the colour scheme. The jumper is the only colourful item to attract attention to it, and show off our marsala. I would wear this outfit on a colder day, perhaps to the shops or to meet my friends in.
3. Dress it head to toe
H- to – T we got marsala going on. But, to make sure it isn’t too over the top, include some complimentary jewellery (anything gold), I chose a minimalist set of bangles and small earrings. Again, I feel this is a more dressed up outfit due to the nature of the dress, and of course the heels.
4. Dress it everyday
This is my favourite outfit of the four, as its the one I would be most likely to wear. The Topshop pinafore compliments the white top quite weell, and the black sleeves help to add detail to quite a plain outfit. The boots give the outfit a more causal feel, and could be worn with or without tights. (I’m definitely off to buy this pinkie next week!)

And so, there you have four ways to style next season. I hope this helps you out, I’m really enjoying introducing fashion posts to my blog! For more posts on trends, try my #WeBlogSummer gang below!
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See you next week for week six of #weblogsummer, look out for our giveaway coming up too! I’m still looking for some partners to team up with for the giveaway, so feel free to email me (mydogblog09@outlook.com) if you know of any brands that could help with the giveaway. Alternatively, just tweet me here.

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