Summer Favourites in Photographs

I can’t believe we are coming to a close of #WeBlogSummer, last week will be my last post about it! So this week’s topic is ‘favourites’ so I decided to tie it into a recent tag from Time With Yana. So I am combining both the ‘8 Photos of Happiness’ Tag and ‘#WeBlogSummer’ to give you my 8 favourite photographs from this summer.IMG_42251. Câmara de Lobos, Madeira: Have you noticed my posts have been pretty lax these last two weeks? Well, its because I’ve been here, in Madeira! I have lots of exciting posts for you all, including a travel guide to Madeira! It’s a beautiful county and most definitely under rated as a holiday destination.  IMG_1775 2. My ‘Wreck This Journal’: I’ve expressed many times my love for this book, but I got such a lovely response of twitter for this particular page, so that definitely was a highlight.IMG_17393. I have, in short, been living off Pot Noodles and McDonald’s snack wraps: I’m pretty ashamed, but yeah, its true. I gave up on the ‘summer ready’ fitness thing everyone seems obsessed with and went for the unhealthy option. Oops.IMG_16134. #WeBlogSummer: This summer I have been introduced to some lovely people and hosted my first ever collaboration project, which was really exciting. It’s been my favourite thing to blog about this summer for sure. IMG_3047
5. Developing my style: This summer I have made a real conscious effort to be more aware of different trends, and so I’m hoping, for Autumn, I can follow them, and make some really cute OOTD posts!IMG_43026. The sun and sea and sand and rocks and boats and everything else on holiday! But most of all, I’ve loved having a REAL tan, all thanks to going in the sea, I think?

IMG_31237. My nails were pretty damn fabulous all thanks to This summer I have been able to work with some lovely brands, and I’ve made some really lovely contacts. Thankyou so much everyone for working with me!
the xx and macbook

8. I’ve booked seven lots of concert tickets, and a ticket to a festival and I’m still not done! It’s fair to say that summer is festival season, but Autumn is the return of the indoor venues, so I’ve spent my summer earnings, and some, on preparing!

So, there you go. My eight favourite things I’ve done this summer. Don’t forget to check out these lovely ladies posts:

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and of course thank you to Time With Yana for the tag! I nominate:

See you soon!

Sophia x

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  1. Bhavika says:

    I really liked this post! I need a Wreck It Journal myself xD

    1. mydogblog09 says:

      Thankyou! You should get one, you would really enjoy it!:)

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