What Do The Stars Think Of Your Hair?

 Afternoon lovelies! Today I’m sharing something new with you all, whichI’m  pretty damn excited about. I’ve always been an avid horoscope reader, and I’m always checking t of information out when some more ‘good luck’ is due, but I never considered how it could affect the little things in our lives, like our hair, for instance. 


 So, my star sign is Sagittarius and I supposedly strive off freedom and optimism. As for my hair though, you can see for yourself… 
It was really interesting to read this, as I’ve never considered using a multitasking hair primer. In all honesty, I’m no good at using lots of hair product, I’m more of a heat protectant and go kinda person. But, I agree that my hair needs to be controlled, natural curls come at a serious price! I like to believe that the ‘good hair day’ section is true too, pretty hair would be nice, so I hope that’s what I get!
Thankyou to Madison Reed for sending across my hair-o-scope, I’m definitely considering buying some hair primer now! If you want any advise on your hair, slightly less zodiac based, try their Colour Advisorto choose your next colour, you might even be able to find the perfect shade on their site!

Speak to you all soon!
Sophia x


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