The Summer That Was 2015…

So this is it. #WeBlogSummer is finally at an end, and summer has turned to a drizzly Autumn. I knew Summer had ended when I was packing up from Leeds festival and offered my ‘seasonal temp’ job yesterday. sigh

Thankyou to everyone that has participated in #WeBlogSummer, it’s been so much fun and I’m glad you’ve all enjoyed it! Here’s what others thought and their links…

Bronagh: I have loved taking part in we blog summer! Its helped me meet new bloggers and find new people with similar interests, I count all these girls as my friends!

Kayleigh: I really loved writing about a different subject every week, that I wouldn’t usually write about and I also loved meeting new bloggers.

Georgina: I have loved being part of the #WeBlogSummer collaboration and would class you all as my blogger friends
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway and watch out for #WeBlogAutumn!

Sophia x


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