New Year Resolutions?

I just couldn’t give this up tbh 🙂

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again. The gyms are full, sales of cigarettes and alcohol plummet….but for exactly how long? We all start the New Year with aspirations for it to be ‘the best year ever’,  and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Don’t get me wrong, and I truly commend those that can stick to their resolutions. But honestly, how do people do it?

This year, I decided that the cliche New Years Resolutions are not gonna happen. Most years I aspire to be more healthy or lose a few pounds before summer. But really, how happy was that going to make me? Exercise makes me miserable, and at the moment, me and chocolate are in a loving long-term  relationship. It just wasn’t going to happen. Instead however, I did make myself some promises, some better New Year’s Resolutions, that focus on making me a better person, and to work on a positive mental health. Here are a few from my list:

Practise yoga/ mindfulness weekly: This is something I really loved doing in the summer, simply because it’s so relaxing!

Eat breakfast (when I can): Me and breakfast have a hatful relationship, food is just something I cannot face in the morning, but I want to change that I realise that going long periods without food can be a reason for falling ill. Targeted at twice a week, I’m determined to conquer this for 2016, it’s realistic and can improve my overall health.

Make time for YOU: This one guts harder and harder by the day, there are never ever going to be enough hours in the day to get everything completed. But I think it’s really important to make time for things that matter; be it seeing friends or family, or indulging in some time for yourself, don’t forget to take a break, put things into perspective and concentrate an hour a day into something you actually wanna do. Not because it pays the bills, or you have to, but because YOU enjoy it!

I really hope I stick to these promises, and by posting them online, they feel much more official! Have you got any resolutions or promises for 2016?

Sophia x


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