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Evening my dears! This week I thought I would write a post slightly different to the norm, I was inspired by a post I saw recently on instagram: An A-Z of Indie, and basically how to spot ‘them indie kids’. So I figured, why the heck not do one for blogging? I’ve been in this game way long enough to know what its all about, plus it sounded pretty fun tbh. Anyways, before I ramble on anymore, lets get started!

A– Apple Mac: I would be f**ked without mine, I’d have nothing to write on or edit photos:/ some prefer windows of course, but I think we can all agree we need a PC to make this happen!

B-Big Brother is always watching, and sometimes it’s kinda creepy, so you just gotta be careful what you put out there….

C-Coding: because as a blogger, you basically spend your entire life working out how to encode your latest layout and headings

D- Digital media: the new age of our society, and the reason for our existence!

E- Entrepreneurs: I mean we are, if you think about it. The number of successful blogs which have been able to make their hobby a career is unbelievable!

F-Friends! Super cringe yes, but I have honestly made some truly amazing friends through blogging, whom are always very supportive, especially if I need a bit of help, so thank you guys!

G- guilt free shopping: or maybe just an excuse to spend more money. I mean it’s okay to spend £25 on another mascara if you’re reviewing it, right?

H- Hashtag: covers this one, it’s where we can find our little clique, and more importantly talk to each other!

I- Insta, duh! The place a lot of inspiration comes from, plus pretty photos!

J- Journalists: because I guess that’s kinda what we are, reporting what interests us, when we choose to, to a deadline

K-The King of blogging, rightly so or not, has got to be Perez Hilton in my eyes: He may not quite be on the same level as us working/middle class ladies, but he sure knows how to write a post that will grab attention

L- Lush: It’s probably the most talked about on all of the #fblogger #bblogger #lblogger chats put together, so it would be outrageous not to include our favourite shop that not only leaves you with a lovely bath, but super aesthetic photos for your blog

M- My Life: the name of my blog, and basically what most of blog about…

N- New opportunities: and this is what we get, constantly! There’s loads of exciting things  that we can get involved in, all you have to do is get involved!

O- Optimism: blogging needs a hella lot of this, good things come to those who wait, and sometimes we just need to wait awhile for our big break, be it content or contacts

P- Pinterest is the obvious choice, full of lovely ideas and plenty of tips, its enough to be inspired for life!

Q- Queen: for me, thats got to be Zoella, I really don’t care that she’s more of a vlogger, the internet has changed her entire life and put her on the celebrity spectrum, which really heart warming to see

R- Research: an essential part, if you don’t do your research beforehand, we can totally tell!

S- SEO: a major skill we learn in the blogging business, our entire traffic is dependant  on this

T- Twitter: because if I didn’t choose this one, I think somebody might shoot me. This is the ultimate blogging platform, with multiple daily chats set up interact with brands and bloggers alike

U- Universal: I think this is a particularly important one, as blogging allows you to contact people across the globe, recently I was lucky enough to work with an Australian brand; it was really lovely to see the power of digital communication in action!

V- Vlogging: our sister form, many people prefer to be on screen than off, and hats off to them, it must take some guts!

W- World Wide Web: 100% a cop out, but I guess without it, we wouldn’t exist at all?

X-XOXO: because secretly we’re all aspiring to be Gossip Girl!

Y- YouTube: the basis of vlogging and home to just about everything you could imagine, like blogging but in video form?

Z- Zzzzzz: because it’s something that blogging seems to make me do: I love being able to write out a post, then go to bed feeling accomplished, instead of spending the evening worrying about something unnecessary


And there you have it! A complete A-Z; and god it took forever to think of some letters!

Speak to you all next week!

Sophia x


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