Misconseptions of the Art Student


Evening y’all! I guess this post is more of a rant, no… a drafted piece thrown together to express my anger at what society perceives an ‘art student’ to be. And honestly, you’d be surprised how much stick we get: anyone from your grandparents to complete strangers, there seems to be zero appreciation for the ‘soft option’ in education.

  1. Art get you nowhere. Speaking of soft options, this is what almost everyone in the entire world seems to think art is. At GCSE, I was told to take it as my ‘easy option’ by the careers councillor; A Levels were worse… being told I ‘won’t get into any decent uni’, wasn’t quite what I had hoped for… and don’t even ask about conversations about uni!
  2. Art students can’t be academic. Some people just excel in different subjects okay? At school, I always knew I loved art, and sucked at maths and physics, but after serious dedication,I achieved all As and A*s, I’ll admit I’m never going to be able to tell you about pi or trig, but give me an essay to write and I’ll do a decent job. JUST BECAUSE I STUDY ART DOESN’T MAKE ME THICK OR STUPID OR INCOMPETENT TO ANY ACADEMIC SUBJECTS
  3. We all smoke weed or do drugs. Imo, drugs aren’t cool, and it’s something I hope never to do, and there’s thousands of other people who feel the same: art student or not. It isn’t something that comes with the uni package, and most certainly everyone you meet isn’t going to be doing those kinds of things. Granted, drugs are something that are common in our society (unfortunately), and you’re always going to know someone that does them, but the association with this and the common art student, as far as I know, is completely irrational and unconventional.
  4. You don’t need to put in much time. Anyone can tell you that if you’re going to study art, you need some serious dedication, and it will cost you nights out, day trips and your precious time. No deadline is ever long enough, and that’s something you have to figure our the hard way.
  5. You can’t do anything with art. Ummmmm hello? Ever heard of an art gallery? or photography? or Creative Media in general? It’s a really interesting job sector worth £8million an hour in the UK alone!

I’m sorry, obsessive, passionate rant over. Its honestly just really frustrating to put in so much effort into my work, for people to think that I’m some thick druggie. Open your eyes people, its the twenty first century!

See you next week!

Sophia x


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  1. Brittany says:

    Totally agree…I did Film and TV production at uni despite being told it would get me nowhere. I’ve got a job in marketing now soo….. Let’s never stop being creative 🙂

    1. I’m glad you’ve managed to prove them wrong!:)

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