London | Shoreditch Street Art

Last weekend my boyfriend and I ventured down to London in a very anti-tourist day out. We spared the Palace and London Eye bullshit and opted for independent galleries and cafes. Like I discovered in Amsterdam, East London is renowned for its beautiful street art, a lot of which I was lucky enough to witness and photograph on our trip for y’all! (Why not check out my Amsterdam Street Art post and compare?)

Here is just a selection of wall art I found: there were no two pieces the same, no matter where you went, ranging from the more political pieces- with lots of motivational hashtags, to detailed, exquisite works of art. As part of my art course, I’ve started a project on London, and all aspects of it, so I’m hoping to produce some artwork from these pieces, and maybe even have a go myself at spray painting on some walls, make my own stand against society!

We also ventured down to Brick Lane, and visited some lovely little places, which I’m hoping to share with you later in the week. All I can say for now is that the whole of Shoreditch was fantastic, and I can’t wait to come back!

Sophia x


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