Love is Love

pc to @mattxiv

Love is love.

Regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality, we are all made up of the same balls of atoms; we all need to be fed and looked after; we all need a job and a home to live in.

And to societies most vulnerable, it is especially important to help them feel safe in society.

Yesterday marked one of the most devastating attacks against the LGBT we’ve seen, 49 dead, 53 injured. Just for being themselves. Just for celebrating their sexuality.

A person should be able to enjoy and live freely as who they truly are in peace without feeling an inkling to hide even the slightest bit. We should be an open community of support and acceptance, not a planet of preconceptions, judgement and violence. It’s like this… claiming that someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you’re on a diet. Nonsense huh? I genuinely struggle to believe that some people an be so damn adamant that gay is an issue, people are simply living their lives how they want to, and peacefully. A person is not causing any harm by loving another of the same sex, nor of a different sex, they are simply accepting what their body wants. That’s hardly a crime surely? Its the same as shooting someone because they like heavy metal music but you like pop/rock. This massacre is based upon principles just as ridiculous as that.

Derrick Miller places flowers at a makeshift memorial outside the Dr Phillips Centre for the Performing Arts
(source here)

For whatever motive our murderer swore by, for religion, for pride, or even if it was in protest of his underlying homosexual feelings; it was completely outrageous, but heartbreaking more than anything. To think of the innocence of the victims makes me tear up, 49 awaiting their death unknowingly that night.

It’s truly a deeply saddening thing that it took such a drastic and monstrous event to unite us globally and openly promote the LGBT community like never before: though it is truly astounding the support that has travelled across the likes of social media and even in the streets of America. #loveislove and #twomenkissing  are just some of the trending tweets (and coming in their millions, may I add). Together we will prove that discrimination is not okay. It never shall be condoned, nor will it ever be. The LGBT community should be able to stand for everything they believe in, I just hope that the world realises this and opens it’s eyes for good after this tragedy.

Let’s end this now before it gets any worse.

After all, love is love.

Sophia x



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